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December 8, 2015
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Military Paintball


Hey men…are you ready to take back February?

Does the stress of planning dinner dates and choosing jewelry and flowers for Valentine’s Day have you ready to retreat into your man cave and never come out? Instead of firing up the Xbox for a game of Call of Duty, how about putting on the camo and experiencing it in real life?


All Star Paintball has teamed up with Strangling Brothers to offer a tactical military experience like no other. Stepping onto the field will feel like war time. You’ll form tactical alliances and bond with the guys over strategy and combat. With a sniper tower and all new obstacles, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of a battlefield.

It’s time to call the guys and take a break from chick flicks and flowers, and step out onto an action course to do what men love to do…shoot stuff!

What could earn you your man card back more than running an obstacle field dodging bullets and unloading ammo on your closest friends?

Not to mention, the health benefits. Paintball is an extreme sport and a crazy good workout. You won’t get this kind of stress release anywhere else!

We offer a safe environment to unload some aggression and escape into real life game mode. The obstacle course at Strangling Brothers takes things to a whole new level.

All Star Paintball offers a pro shop right on the premises. If you’re not sure you have the right equipment, talk to one of our trained professionals to get you started with everything you need.

Take back February. Save the cards and flowers for later…

And call the guys and tell them to suit up. It’s time to shoot somebody!

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