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December 30, 2014
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All Star Paintball fun on the Run

Utah Paintballing

Imagine having tons of fun on the paint ball field with all your team members. How exciting would that be?  Just by imagining a paint ball dream team gives me goose bumps. All paintball enthusiasts are looking for for new and enhanced paint ball arenas that are safe. And safety is the most important thing to consider when it comes to paintball.


With All star paintball you can have all the fun; we have most amazing indoor paint ball arenas. All you have to do is just command your dream team and maneuver through field obstacles as you fight for your goal. All star paintball is uniquely design and had the perfect environment which is why we are the fastest growing indoor paintball arena in Utah.

There is an increase in the number of our customers, once you have played the fun never stops the environment is different for all types of skill levels so everyone can enjoy the game.

Why choose All Star Paintball?

You don’t have to sit back at home and get bored, it’s a great chance for young Utah residents to come and see what facilities we have for you.  During hot days of summers in Utah when everyone wishes to play indoor games more, nothing can be as better as paintball to play with your friends making up a dream team in the safest the environment.

Comfortable field:

The very first reason to choose a paint ball is due to its fields  as long as the fields are comfortable and the environment is friendly everything will be great. There are many paintball fields which claim they are comfortable and everything is perfect however the case is not always like that.

Paintballing Utah


Not only paintball arena is comfortable we have cameras fixed everywhere to make everything more safe. We provide a complete safety kit to all the team members so they can enjoy their time to the fullest.  We also have first aid kits just in-case, our staff is fully trained to give first aid to those who need in any case.

We have the most positive feedback:

Due to an increasing number of customers we are getting more popular as we have the most positive feedback.  We always welcome feedback from our customers. Feedback helps in improving the services.

Paintball pro shop:

We have an amazing all star paintball pro shop just for our customers. We also have an online store there you can buy products on discount rates as well.

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