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March 31, 2016
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5 Exercises to Condition Your Body for Paintball

If you’ve been paintballing more than once, you probably already realize it’s a fast-paced sport. And just like any sport, if your body is in poor condition, you will likely have a disadvantage against your opponents.

Can you paintball if you’re out of shape?

Of course! And you’ll still have way more fun than any of your old college buddies who are sitting on their couches in their underwear. But once you get hooked on the sport and find some teammates who feel the same way, you might be ready to take your game up a notch and see what it’s like to seriously compete.

If that’s the case, here are a few conditioning exercises to get your body in top form for competing and winning!

1.      Sprints

It just makes sense to work on increasing your speed in order to play competitively, and sprints are the best way to do that. Outrunning your opponents and their flying ammo is the name of the game!

2.      Burpees

Dropping low to dodge paintballs, and running for cover are common moves in the game. Being able to perform several sets of burpees in your workout will have you ready to duck and cover in no time.

3.      Pushups

Arm stamina is a great advantage so that you can hold your stance and keep your weapon raised as long as needed.

4.      Jogging or Running

Keeping your body in top aerobic condition will keep you from getting winded during a rigorous game. Get your lungs conditioned and you’ll be running circles around everyone on the field!

5.      Box Jumps

Box jumps or other plyometric movements works out your short twitch muscles which help with speed and agility. Not to mention, being able to out-jump a low moving paintball is a pretty sweet maneuver!

If you’re someone who paintballs regularly, you’ll probably want to work a few of these exercises into your weekly regime to take your performance to the next level. And the next time you and your teammates decide to hit the field, you’re sure to be the last man standing!





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